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WPM2 Fellow
“Doing the StrengthScope exercise within Workit was really interesting. I talked to my manager about it and there were some things that I shared with him that were conflicting, so having an opportunity to talk through that caused him to give me some feedback that was really helpful and interesting. I don't know if he would have shared this feedback otherwise.”


Colorado Digital Service
WPM2 Fellow
Workit allowed me to self reflect and understand myself better. Through the Enneagram, I learned that I'm a perfectionist. With the StrengthScope exercise, I realized that if I'm struggling with something it's not a deficit within me but rather just a hard aspect to work though.”


WPM2 Fellow
“I loved the activities that we did as they forced me to have a lot of self reflection in certain areas and things I didn't really think about previously, particularly around strengths and weaknesses. They allowed me to recognize that I shouldn’t be beating myself when I’m struggling in an area that isn’t a strength of mine.”


Staff PM at Twitter
Workit Mentor
"Why is Workit different? Their product cohort has a real focus on personal development - not just career/skills development."


WPM1 Fellow
I no longer feel alone or unsupported in this career. This fellowship also underscored the importance of carving out time to think about and communicate exactly what I want out of my professional life.


Keysight Technologies
WPM1 Fellow
“Workit has a unique approach to achieving goals. By blending a strong peer network and coaching with a lifelong learning community, individuals are empowered to create customized growth programs tailored to their unique needs - an approach that has been missing from traditional professional development."


Housecall Pro
WPM1 Fellow
"Exposure to other leaders in product and hearing their journeys and openness about mistakes and failures has helped me realize that I could possibly move into a leadership role one day which I've always felt like was out of reach for me.”


Gaia Inc.
WPF2 Fellow
“Workit helped me focus on my strengths and what I’m interested in working on. It's probably been 6 to 7 years since I've sat down and thought these things through. So I'm grateful to have looked inward and thought about what I'm good at what I liked doing and what I wanted to be doing.”


WPF1 Fellow
"The Workit program has inspired my own confidence in my capabilities which has enabled me to quickly move into a leadership role within my product team and company."


CPO at GitLab Inc.
Workit Mentor
"Mentors have played a huge role in my own career development. I get a lot out of coaching and helping people develop. People can get a lot of leverage out of the right advice at the right time."


WPM1 Fellow
“Workit has provided an excellent way of creating a community of like minded people. The support that the group has shown each other in solving a variety of problems we all face has been nothing short of fantastic.”


VP Product at Workday
Workit Mentor
"I want the people I work with to be people I'm really helping to get access to something they wouldn't have otherwise because of this particular community."


Anderson Optimization
WPM1 Fellow
I gained more clarity about my personal agency in my career. A toolkit of different ways to think about what engages me and what doesn't. Feeling less alone and like I have permission to be less critical or judgemental of myself when it comes to my professional progress.”


WPM2 Fellow
“I’ve greatly appreciated the open vulnerability and conversations I’ve had with my Workit peers around difficulties we see in our different roles in our organizations. It's been really encouraging and it’s something that I definitely enjoyed. I think it's so exciting for the potential of what's out there for you and your next role.”


WPM2 Fellow
"Workit helped me clarify what I’m missing in my current role and what I want in a new role at a new company. I really enjoyed being able to talk through any challenges with the Workit community as I was gaining clarity on what I wanted. The Workit process helped me regain some of my confidence as a PM and helped me realize that I do have the relevant skills to share my expertise."

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