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People are everything - their gifts and talents, strengths and ingenuity, contribution to their teams and families. Thriving people make for thriving companies and communities while increasing prosperity for all. This is why our mission is to create a world in which everyone reaches their full potential and thrives. This journey starts with work.

We’re taking a modern approach to career development by reimagining how content, community, and peer-to-peer learning come together to deliver unparalleled insights, networks, and opportunities. Through our exclusive career accelerators, Workit members can supercharge their networks, plan their next career moves, break through barriers, develop new skills and relationships, share front-line knowledge with industry peers, and ultimately, reach their full potential.


The future of professional development and education looks nothing like a school course. Learning and development (L&D) looks nothing like a portal. It looks a lot more like the accelerator communities that Techstars, YCombinator and others have pioneered.

The "future of work" will be a lifestyle aimed at each individual’s highest contribution and impact. It will require learning and growth through front-line industry access in combination with continual personal growth and transformation.

While classes will be digitally native, personalized, and hyper-networked – people will also be getting together for great IRL events on the regular. And perhaps one day, members will also be owners in the learning community they are helping build and champion.

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